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What is Intelligent Energy+?

Energy efficiency simply means using less energy to perform the same task.

Our speciality is combining technologies to achieve compounded energy savings across homes, commercial and industrial settings. We provide efficiency via world class innovative technology solutions that have been rigorously tested and measured.

In building applications, we not only can achieve a significant energy saving, We also get these additional improvements:

  • Improved lighting levels

  • Reduced heat load from lights

  • Reductions of HVAC Energy Use

  • Improved indoor air quality bringing air levels in line with AS 3666

  • Reduction in airborne viruses, moulds, and bacteria

  • Prolonged HVAC Plant Life

  • Significantly reduced window heat loads

  • Significantly reduced building heat loads

  • Passive design allows better thermal comfort

  • Reduced glare and UV

  • Reduced energy (kWh) & Load (KVA) costs

  • AS3598:2014 Energy Auditing

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