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Technology Upgrades


Our rigorously tested, innovative technologies ensure your home or business is as energy efficient as it possibly can be, using solutions that are as unobtrusive as they are effective. Our Net Zero Carbon and Energy initiative works with leading brands to deliver smart, holistic solutions.

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Lighting is often the ‘quick win’ in energy efficiency. Through an assessment of existing lighting,  an analysis of needs and correct design, many projects have a fast return on investment as well as an improvement in the work environment.

Solar Air Conditioning/ Refrigeration Optimisation

Air conditioning and environmental systems (HVAC/R) account for up to 65% of a building power usage. For this reason, HVAC / R should be one of the first areas addressed when trying to reduce the energy usage of a facility.

Solar & Alternate Energy

We have a broad range of solutions that can be integrated into almost any suitable commercial or industrial site. We have extensive experience in the facilitation of major generation projects including building of a financially viable energy generation system as well as management of government documentation and regulation.

Thermal Heat Shielding

Solar Shades is a cost effective, energy efficient and non-disruptive solution to window replacement. Solar Shades performs better than double glazing at protecting homes or buildings from external heat.


ENSOL has a proven track record in management and monitoring of power systems in both commercial and industrial applications. We can customise and provide a range of solutions from short term, on site, measurement and verification equipment to permanent management.

Air Balancing

HVAC systems have to constantly overdeliver in order to satisfy the thermostat that sits between the cool air on the floor and the hot air under the ceiling. In the Australian climate the movement of air is the largest user of energy in any air conditioning system.

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