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Domestic Home - Smiths Lake, NSW - February 2022

The purpose of this trial was to test a 3.5kW solar hybrid air conditioner in typical commercial running times being from 9am to 5pm across three consecutive days in three different setting under the Solar AC DC working parameters.

Those parameters were as follows:

Solar Hybrid (using whatever the system requires from solar and grid power), AC Limiting mode, where the system limits the amount of power drawn from the grid and Solar Only, where power is only used from the solar panels and the AC power is switched off to the air conditioning unit.

The room used for the testing is a 32 square metre west facing sunroom with glass on three sides with a cathedral ceiling. The AC Setting was 22 degrees celsius.

Interior of Smiths Lake House, February 2021



At a kilowatt hourly rate of $0.35 cents per kilowatt hour showed that the cost to run a Solar AC DC Unit in the Solar Hybrid function was approximately $0.17 cents for the first day.


In AC Limiting function the cost was approximately $0.09 cents with no charge for the full solar day.

The standard Hybrid setting showed a 70% energy saving in Hybrid mode with only 30% of power required being from the grid connection.

In AC Limiting mode there was a 89% reduction in energy required from the grid with only 11% required from the grid.


In full Solar Panels Only function no power was drawn off the grid.


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